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Rugged and Mobile is a data capture company with a difference.  We love anything Rugged, anything mobile and anything that’s to do with Barcoding, RFID, GPS and Software that goes with it.

Run by people who love technology and how it enables business and changes our lives.  This is our central News, review, and how-to and tech blog that we hope will help people become more aware of rugged and mobile technology whilst hopefully learning and contributing a thing or two yourself. You might just be or become as passionate as us about mobile technology!

Impartial and trustworthy Blogging

We are totally impartial with the kit we sell here.  Yes we rave about something good when it’s good but we have no ties with any manufacturers and we are not influenced at all by anyone or anything.  This blog is the collective opinion of the individual bloggers and not even we get a say in Rugged and Mobile on what is written until we see it!!

Advertising Policy

We’re not keen on advertising, so don’t try to advertise your products here, we will put an advert from time to time about our own services but that’s only because they’re either unique, cool or plain good for customers.

Now the shameless business plug!

We sell rugged and mobile hardware, anything from Rugged PDA’s,  bar code scanners and RFID equipment to enterprise level smartphones like HTC.

We provide software consultancy and services into the web and mobile markets. If you need a database driven mobile or web application then this is right up our street.  Asset Management, Parcel delivery, warehouse, remote job scheduling and capture are our forte, oh yes and we know a heck of a lot about GPS, RFID, Bar coding and data capture in general. We’re true mobile experts who want to share their knowledge and hopefully make a living out it too!

Repair centre services
We also provide repair services that are totally aimed at putting the customer first.  Bring your kit to us and it will be repaired quickly, whether you have a service contract or not.  We think customers deserve better!

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7 responses

8 07 2009

I would like a barcode reader than I can take into a thrift store and scan books with. Later download the ‘batched’ data to my PC for processing. I don’t know [understand] 1D, 2D, etc. but would like a recommendation from experts. PS I use a Sprint HTC Mogul smartphone daily so I’m familiar with Windows Mobile [6.1] technologies.

9 07 2009

Hi Wallace

There are various options I think would suit you and in your case I think we’d look at some of the nice portable scanners designed specially for PDA scanning. I believe the Mogul is a rebranded HTC TytnII?

Firstly there is a nice small batch scanner from Opticon, the OPN2001 or OPN2002 allows you to scan, store and then batch upload via USB (OPN2001) or Bluetooth (OPN2002). Click here for more

Next there’s the Baracoda range of scanners which are designed specifically for scanning with either a PDA or laptop and come with all manner of connectivity and ruggedness options. The Road Runner series sounds perfect for your needs. Click her for more

Lastly I would recommend the Grabba range of products. These snap on to your PDA and give you instant scanning capabilities, although not strictly a batching solution. Grabba come with an API so you should be able to get going easily with doing something with the barcode scans or “wedging” them into an application like Mobile Excel or Word quite easily. Start Here and find the exact product by selecting your PDA first.

All of these products scan 1D barcodes but Road runner and Grabba also have 2D options or even RFID if you need that. However books use ISBN or UPC retail type barcodes so you should only need 1D if thats all you’re scanning.

Our eShop is alomost ready to go live now where you’ll be able to browse all of these products and check prices. In the meantime drop me an email if you’d like to know more on dave.kind@ruggedandmobile.com.



28 08 2010
Taj Jones

Hi my name is Taj Jones and I’m a blog

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Taj Jones

3 09 2010

Hi Taj

Many thanks for your comment however being paid to write reviews that result in sales is not what I am trying to do with this blog. I am happy to review products for you but it would have to be for free both ways and my opinions would have to be 100% my own.

Is that something you can work with?


29 01 2012
Demetris Nickolas

please contact me on my email
and give me your tel number cause i need to contact you directly
regarding the Maxatec HH8010, as i am in the process of buying 14 units.
Thank you

you can also contact me on my mobile
00357 99415960. Thank you.
Demetris Nickolas

30 01 2012

Hi Demetris

The HH8010 is simply a rebadged Ganedata GX8010. Ganedata are the official UK importers and distributors of this product and you can find this under the “Small Rugged PDAs” on our main website just here: http://www.ruggedandmobile.com/Product.aspx?PID=411

You can email us at info@ruggedandmobile.com or call on our main number (clearly shown on our main website) if you want some help.

The HH8010 is “OK” in the right hands but it is a very low spec, stripped down device so make sure you know about the lack of GPS, the very slow GPRS (2G) only data speeds and the generally low spec in CPU and RAM means we always send a device out to test with before selling one.

25 06 2012
Gonzalo de la Cuadra

Hi, my name is Gonzalo de la Cuadra. And i have been reading your blog entirely!, it shows how much you understand rugged PDA’s and how passionate you are about it. I am currently having a very hard time with 8 Handheld Nautiz eTicket (Which i believe is almost the same as a Pidion, i didn’t know that when buying), The problem i’m having is that after 2 weeks or a month of use, the devices get stuck at the HANDHELD logo, and will not boot, even after a Hard reset, this happens to all of them. Only way to solve it is to remove battery for several minutes, and do several hard resets again until it will eventually reset and boot, and is it is cleaned up, i have to set all parameters again, install and configure the application, etc.. The real problem is, i have them installed in a big company and the complaints are getting LARGE off course. Support is non existing claiming that the application is the problem. I can understand that, yet what i cannot understand is a device with these specs that gets unusable over an application issue (Which i doubt by the way, because the same application is being used in Intermec’s CN3 and Recon PDA’s without no problem at all). Anyways, i am thinking of buying Pidion’s PDA’s from now on, so would appreciate it if you could send me prices for them, and any clue of what my problem with the Nautiz might be would be so helpful, and i would be really thankful about it.

Thanks in advance,

Gonzalo de la Cuadra

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