Zebra iMZ printers launched

15 03 2013
The Zebra iMZ series adds ome great features to the popular MZ range

The Zebra iMZ series adds ome great features to the popular MZ range

Zebra printers are perhaps the most well known rugged mobile printers on the market today and we sell our fair share of the mobile ones. One of the most popular models is the Zebra MZ series receipt printer. These aren’t rugged, but they’re dependable, fast printers with a decent set of features and to be honest are the most popular series we sell here whether in 2″ or 3″ format.

So what’s the new Zebra iMZ printer series?

Well the world is changing, it went Rugged and Mobile, but the rest of us are now going mobile in any fashion we can which means there’s a lot of mobile device out there that aren’t supported by the classic rugged data capture kit.

The Zebra iMZ200 and iMZ 320 tackle that with a series of new features aimed at making the Zebra iMZ compatible with all the well known mobile operating systems out there.  New features listed here:

  • iMZ now supports Apple IOS, Android and Blackberry platforms as well as the classic Windows Mobile rugged handheld PDA’s. This means whatever mobile devices you based your latest solution on, the Zebra will probably work with them!
  • Add to this “Print Touch” is an NFC based bluetooth pairing system. This means any device that has an NFC reader in it can just tap the Zebra  printer and they’ll pair automatically for you. I’ve got a bluetooth speaker that does this and my HTC One X+ pairs easily and quickly every single time, much to the dismay of my iPhone 5 wielding friends!!
  • SDK’s are available for all of these OS’s so you can build bespoke printing solutions for any of the compatible technologies, or use the Zebra apps that you can download, mostly for free.

We sell a range of rugged or mobile printers to suit every need and every pocket here.  Choose Zebra for an established quality brand, Sewoo for something innovative, fresh and different or Woosim for great products that are small and inexpensive.

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