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25 03 2013
Rugged and mobile delivers everything you need to deploy a full mobile solution

Rugged and mobile delivers everything you need to deploy a full mobile solution

Hi Everyone

A shameless plug this morning just to let everyone know that if you go to our main website there’ll be a few changes!

After a few busy years, we (finally) managed to find time to update our own creaking old website to something that reflects our business far better and this is built on our RAMCloud platform which will be the basis of all our services that we add and create from this point onwards for our lovely customers.

The site is split into 4 areas main areas:


We’ve removed a lot of brands that we didn’t sell and in our humble opinion are not the best.  From now on you’ll see a reduced set of hardware that we can maintain a deeper level of expertise upon. We’ve also positioned certain brands accordingly to be far more up to date on our experience of them and what kind of customer they are best for.  Choice is great, but leading customers through too much choice in a totally impartial manner is what we’ll be focussing on here.  We can then deliver the expert knowledge so that you get the help you need.

Software / Solutions

We have a healthy software business here but we just never shout about it. If you need anything bespoke writing for your business then just come and talk to us.  We can talk Windows mobile, Android or IOS here and also build creative websites too.  We have a range of new apps coming too so watch this space as it’s where all the change is happening right now.  We’ll be bundling up our apps with the best hardware to create some awesome new products and packages designed to be simple and easy to use, flexible and accessible to all.

Service / Repair

Don’t forget Rugged rescue is not just our repair centre.  It’s also the foundation for a lot more and this is where the focus is right now so we’ll have some fantastic new solutions here for our customers very very soon.

Network & MDM

Of course if you want to buy your mobile voice or data network from us we’re experienced in doing that and delivering all kinds of benefits to you by getting your network from someone who cares about your business and can also advise on all areas of it. We also offer solid mobile device management expertise and advice, from our own products up to the market leading brands like Soti.

There we go, any feedback is always welcomed.

The Rugged and Mobile blog.

Rugged handheld PDA’s – Removing the choice

19 03 2013

So, we’re hopefully launching our new website today, subject to a final beta test and I can tell you if you’ve been over to then you’ll probably agree it’s been a long, long time in the making!  There’s a lot of change happening for us right now, but when we sat down at our final SCRUM meeting yesterday, I as the product owner was given a chance to reflect on the whole premise of the new hardware section of the site which is around choice…..lack of it!

Rugged and mobile was always known for the deep choice it gave you but it brought us a certain type of customer and forced us in to a certain way to work. The new website is all about removing brands, removing categories of device and removing rugged handhelds, barcode scanners and printers and focussing on the ones left far more deeply.  Free choice was always what people sought, long tail etc, but now the long tail is bigger than the big hitters area now, so what do you do?  We could carry on focussing on everything, like a web shop perhaps. Shallower knowledge = less service which means we end up with only price and margin to negotiate on which in turn costs the customer money in the short, and long term.


We still focus on the choice but we bring you the best of it so we can deliver deep knowledge, great service and save you money in the long term.  We also still get to be passionate about what we do!

So check out the Hardware section of the new site later today which is like nothing else in our market and you’ll see how focussing in on some key brands has already affected the service we offer, even as you browse through our website.

When you buy your rugged hardware or are looking to put in a mobile solution of some nature, have a think next time of who’s likely to pick that phone up when you need help and who’s got the passion to understand the kit they sell or even to bother with you at all. I think the market is about to change hugely and the customers are also going to have to change with it as well as us!

The Rugged and Mobile blog.

Zebra iMZ printers launched

15 03 2013
The Zebra iMZ series adds ome great features to the popular MZ range

The Zebra iMZ series adds ome great features to the popular MZ range

Zebra printers are perhaps the most well known rugged mobile printers on the market today and we sell our fair share of the mobile ones. One of the most popular models is the Zebra MZ series receipt printer. These aren’t rugged, but they’re dependable, fast printers with a decent set of features and to be honest are the most popular series we sell here whether in 2″ or 3″ format.

So what’s the new Zebra iMZ printer series?

Well the world is changing, it went Rugged and Mobile, but the rest of us are now going mobile in any fashion we can which means there’s a lot of mobile device out there that aren’t supported by the classic rugged data capture kit.

The Zebra iMZ200 and iMZ 320 tackle that with a series of new features aimed at making the Zebra iMZ compatible with all the well known mobile operating systems out there.  New features listed here:

  • iMZ now supports Apple IOS, Android and Blackberry platforms as well as the classic Windows Mobile rugged handheld PDA’s. This means whatever mobile devices you based your latest solution on, the Zebra will probably work with them!
  • Add to this “Print Touch” is an NFC based bluetooth pairing system. This means any device that has an NFC reader in it can just tap the Zebra  printer and they’ll pair automatically for you. I’ve got a bluetooth speaker that does this and my HTC One X+ pairs easily and quickly every single time, much to the dismay of my iPhone 5 wielding friends!!
  • SDK’s are available for all of these OS’s so you can build bespoke printing solutions for any of the compatible technologies, or use the Zebra apps that you can download, mostly for free.

We sell a range of rugged or mobile printers to suit every need and every pocket here.  Choose Zebra for an established quality brand, Sewoo for something innovative, fresh and different or Woosim for great products that are small and inexpensive.

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Intermec buy out still being considered

11 03 2013
is Honeywell going ahead with buyout of Intermec?

is Honeywell going ahead with buyout of Intermec?

It’s been rumoured for some time on and off in our data capture circles that Intermec was going to be bought out and the rather quiet announcement that Honeywell would add them to their list of data capture purchases finally gave the rumours some credence.

Honeywell have offered around $600M for the company but at the moment is waiting for results in 2013 before it goes ahead so the button hasn’t been pressed just yet on this one and everyone is being quite tight-lipped about it.

Honeywell have progressively bought their way into the AIDC market over the years, buying Handheld products (HHP) and Metrologic first, LXE last year and if Intermec is added then they’ll really have a string but messy line up of devices to sell.

We’re not sure what the message is right now from Honeywell or what the reasons are for buying Intermec but it seems set that we’ll be losing yet another stalwart brand name from our market soon!

We’ll keep you posted as it happens.

The Rugged and Mobile blog.

Motorola Launches MC92N0-G

5 03 2013
The Motorola MC92N0-G is the latest improvement to the MC9000 series

The Motorola MC92N0-G is the latest improvement to the MC9000 series

You can tell a good Rugged PDA from the lack of changes it has over the years and the MC9000, on the face of it hasn’t changed all that much over the 10+ years it’s been in service.  However look under the hood of the MC92A0 and you would hardly recognise it from the original MC9000 series.

Not to be mixed up with the MC9500 series, the MC9190 and MC92A0 devices sit firmly in the warehouse scenario and give you a super tough, super functional device that’s got one of the best pedigree’s on the market which is why it’s used by many of the top retail and warehousing brands today.

New features

Well first of all the MC92A0 is based on Motorola’s MPA 3.0 architecture.  What does that mean!  Well put in layman’s terms its Motorola’s way to try to give you a platform that can be easily moved on to from earlier devices.  Less code tweaking, less new accessories needed and porting to it is just easier!

There are upgades to the OS choices with WEH6.5 or Windows CE7, the first device to withstand 2000, 1M tumbles. operates in -20 to +50 degress and has IP64 protection making it one of the most rugged warehouse devices you can buy.

MC9000 series explained

The MC9000 series quickly became popular and over a few years became the 9090 series.  This included short, long keyboard and gun versions that worked in and outside of 4 walls.  The RFID version of the Gun soon became available.  Then with the launch of the MC9500, the ir was a bit of overlap so Motorola enhanced the 9090 into the 9190 with a raft of improvements, but distilled the range down to the long keyboard and Gun form factors.  Today there’s just the Gun format which is commonly used in the warehouse.

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