Rugged and Mobile Sneak preview!

15 02 2013
Rugged and Mobile Sneak preview!

Rugged and Mobile Sneak preview!

We’re working really hard this week peeps so sorry about the lack of new blogs!  Thought i’d give people a sneak preview of the new website coming very soon with our brand new theme, not just in terms of colour but in what we will be delivering through our main web site..

We’re dropping a lot of products and a lot of brands so we can focus in on the best options for you, we do so much work here with new stuff that we felt that it was time to use our knowledge for our customers, not bamboozle you with everythign thats new!  We can then focus in on delivering great service on the brands that we sell, not the ones that waste yours and our time!

Don’t forget that you can talk to us on Twitter,

Also don’t forget to join us on Facebook: liking us helps us to communicate and we’ll be talking and creating all kinds of news and offers on facebook in the near future.

and if you need service or repair then our helpdesk is the place to go

and of course keep the comments and emails coming in here, we very much love to hear from anyone!



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