New Dotel H300 Accessories – April 2012

30 04 2012

Good Morning everyone, the sun is finally shining here in Liverpool!!  The Dotel H300 is a really exciting new Rugged PDA that is the slimmest we sell and we think on the market too!  Accessories are being added all the time and I wanted to make people aware of a few we have manufactured this month.

No more “Puck” Stylus woes!

The odd plectrum or puck style stylus is a real 50/50 “Marmite” feature with some loving it and appreciating the way it helps the rugged pda stay slim, but some hating it.  We’re the same here too!!  So we now bundle a full stylus and stylus holder in the box with all new Dotel devices so you can decide for yourself!

Dotel H300 with full stylus

Dotel H300 with full stylus

Dotel H300 on the move.

The modular nature of the vehicle solution is super “dope” (have I been watching too much Will-I-Am this week!!) but we thought it could be better so we’ve also modified this slightly so that it fits securely together and will hold the device in a more rugged fashion.  The full kit includes a direct vehicle charger, direct domestic charger, vehicle holder/mount and is still under £60.

H300 Vehicle Charge Solution

H300 Vehicle Charge Solution

We’re always designing and building new services and products for everything we sell here so if you need anything, just ask!

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Pidon BM170 goes Android!

27 04 2012
The Pidion BM170 now wears Android

The Pidion BM170 now wears Android

The Pidion BIP-6000 already has Android available on it as will the forthcoming HM40 and HM50 series too but the semi rugged PDA is really where we feel here that Android has major value in our market.  The Pidion BM170 is the first semi rugged PDA with Android and we’re testing the beta out right now.

We’ll feedback our first impressions next week but for now what I can tell you is that Android on the BM170 just fits and it’s going to be something that will really work on this little device.

Price-wise we’re told that the Android versions will be the same as the equivalent Windows Mobile ones and for those who are looking to upgrade then there will be option of buying a license.  It’s a little tricky to re-image devices so we offer to do that here for customers if they want to ensure a smooth transition.  You can go back and forth between OS’s as long as you have the licenses for both OS’s.

The BM170 is small, slim and best described as smart phone sized and is indeed the most appropriate PDA to replace all those end of life HTC P6500’s or HP ipaqs.  For those wanting something inexpensive, with lots of spec options that has a decent roadmap, decent parts availability and very good service then the BM170 is what you’re looking for.

We’ll be looking at it a lot more in the next few posts.

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Rugged and Mobile Grows!

25 04 2012
Repair services are essential to be truly rugged

Repair services are essential to be truly rugged

Bit of a shameless self plug here but I thought I needed to make sure everyone knew why the blog was quiet on Monday.  We’ve just moved office here, we now have 3 times the space (mostly for broken PDA’s and boxes!!), our Rugged PDA Repair centre facility and expanding software and services team takes most of this up.

We’re looking forward to exciting times here at Rugged and Mobile and the new space and facilities we have will only help us to work harder, blog harder and to also keep coming up with innovative products, services and thinking!  We also have a cool Facebook/Google style chill out area too which is awesome!

Will be back to blogging on Friday, for now if you need any repairing done you know where to come!

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Top 5 Reasons you Buy Semi Rugged instead of Fully Rugged

20 04 2012
A semi Rugged Device can sometimes be the best choice

A semi Rugged Device can sometimes be the best choice

Hi there, I thought I would carry on from yesterdays blog about Semi-Rugged PDA’s Vs smartphone and give people a list of pointers where perhaps they don’t need to buy Fully Rugged and are suitable candidates to go “semi!”

Semi rugged pda’s are not for everyone but for some they are the right product and the cost savings can be significant, here’s the main indicators we look for to identify a semi-rugged appropriate customers:

1. Money Money Money!

OK, if you don’t have the wonga then you have no choice.  Rugged PDA’s, like anything else, are coming down in price but a semi rugged PDA can be sub £400 for the right model.  If you haven’t got the money to spend on a fully rugged handheld then semi-rugged is still better than smart phone!

2. Smaller Size

If you actually need something small then semi-rugged is the way to go.  Yes there are “Small Rugged PDA’s” but these still have a lot of features built-in like scanners that pump the price up so if you need something small then it’s often a consideration.

3.  Smartphone style Usage

If you’re simply after a durable smartphone then a semi rugged PDA is perfect.  As the mobile solutions market generally grows, there are many solutions that simply don’t require a fully rugged PDA.  A semi rugged one might give you the best of both worlds.

4.  Gentle Users

If you have 100 Couriers forget it, but if you’re workers can look after your device or indeed if they pay for them themselves then semi-rugged can also be considered.  If the user looks after their device then it will probably be OK.

5.  Short Asset Turnover

Some customers just like to turn their assets over quicker and in this case buying a smaller, cheaper and less rugged PDA might be the best use of your money.  As long as you aren;t in a rugged environment then this should be fine!

Don’t forget, if in doubt, get int ouch with us here and we’ll always show you the way to the ideal PDA for your business.

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Top 5 reasons to buy a Semi rugged PDA over smartphone

18 04 2012
Semi Rugged or Smartphone?  We discuss right here!

Semi Rugged or Smartphone? We discuss right here!

Semi Rugged PDA’s are a funny breed when it comes to buying a PDA.  Are they a smartphone?  are they rugged?  Whats the point of them and why would you buy one instead of a smartphone?  This article looks at some of the main reasons why you should opt for Semi rugged and not a smartphone.

1. Roadmap

Probably the top reason is the lack of roadmap smartphones have.  not only do they come and go with a weeks notice, but too much changes on newer models.  Screen sizes and ratios change throwing software out of sync, OS changes also create major issues and a device that might be perfect 1 week can be a nightmare the next.  most (not all) Semi-rugged PDA’s have a roadmap and we have far better knowledge on its life-cycle.  This is key to be ing a mission critical solution for your business.

2. Repairs, service and parts

You can repair a Semi-rugged PDA….Officially.  Yes you can send smartphones to a repair centre, but it’s not official and there are no service products and they are ad hoc.  Semi-rugged PDA’s have parts guarantees for years after End of life and they all should have a decent service offering you can buy for at least 2 years.

3. Ruggedness

Semi rugged are in fact “semi” rugged!  It usually means they have a drop spec, just miss the IP rating but for most that’s what they’re looking for.  The devices are inherently less rugged than a full rugged PDA, but when compared to a smartphone you can see how much better they are.

4. Big Batteries

Semi-rugged PDA’s usually have the option of a properly big battery!  Even today smartphones tend to hanker between the 1200 and 1600mAh size.  Semi rugged go up to at least 3000mAh, the Pidion Bm170 has a 3200MaH battery.  If you need something that runs all day but you want it to be small then this is your best chance.

5.  Accessories

Cradles, chargers, cases, stylus, battery chargers, vehicle kits etc ec.  It’s all here and its all here for years so getting a battery 2 years down the line should not be a problem.

Remember that not all Semi rugged PDA’s are equal, you need to ask and perhaps refer to a previous set of blogs about this.  However when compared to a smartphone the key thing to remember is that Semi-rugged PDA’s are not fancy but they are Mission critical.

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