Windows Mobile Registry Tweaks Made Easy

Windows Mobile Registry Tweaks Made Easy

The Windows Mobile Registry can be daunting to non techie folk, but with some simple advice you can create easy to install CAB files with a free piece of software that can be a very useful thing to do. Heres how we make Windows Mobile Registry Tweaks Easy...
Rugged PDA Cracked LCDs can often be Prevented

How to protect your Rugged PDA LCD

Rugged PDA broken or cracked LCD's are a fact of life but there is plenty you can do to help prevent them happening. We give you our top 5 tips for Rugged PDA screen breakage prevention right here...
Motorola ES400 Cases (Flip on left, Otterbox right)

Motorola ES400 Otterbox Vs Flip Case

The Otterbox typically makes Smartphones more durable but when they make one for a Semi-Rugged PDA we want to take a look seriously here if they're any good. We put the Otterbox up against the most popular case we sell for the ES400, read on to find out which one wins!
Just a few Rugged Case Designs

Rugged PDA case Consultancy

This week we're looking at rugged PDA cases.  As you know we're all about the "rugged" here and one thing we actually do quite a lot of here is consult on the correct Rugged PDA cases for rugged PDA's.  Not onl...