M3 Mobile's M3 Orange Rugged PDA

M3 Mobile’s M3 orange Announced

Mobile compia recently rebranded themselves to M3 Mobile and the M3 Ornage is one of the first rugged PDA's to come through this newly positioned company. Troubled in the past we take a first look if the M3 has been truly improved with the M3 Orange..
Pidion BM150R (left) replaced by BM170 (Right)

Pidion BM150R Discontinued

The BM150R was one of the first and has been one of the longest running Semi-Rugged PDA's on the market to date. However everything has to come to an end and the BM150R is no discontinued. Read on for more info...
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Rugged PDA Service Explained

Rugged PDA's - When things go wrong I believe Service and support will always be a difficult element of Rugged PDA's to sell simply because it will always be something where the benefits are either unknown ...
The Intermec Rugged PDA Range

Intermec Rugged PDA Range Explained

Despite what you might hear, Intermec Rugged PDA's are still the 2nd largest supplier in the UK.  They got close to trouble 2 years ago, but have bounced back remaining true to their rugged roots with new dev...