Motorola ES400 - Fading away from the networks

Motorola ES400 Cost

The Motorola ES400 is going to be a popular Rugged PDA (well semi-rugged at least anyway). So just how much will the Motorola ES400 cost if you buy it from one of the leading Motorola Experts in the UK...
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Barcode Scanning Help and Tips

We give a lot of Barcode scanner advice out and by and large they will work very well out of the box. However we get many requests for the same barcode scanner help so I thought i'd put together a small barcode scanning tips guide here. Read on!
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The importance of Rugged PDA Evaluations

Semi rugged PDA's, Slim rugged PDA's, small rugged PDA's, cheap rugged PDA's, confused? There are so many rugged PDA's on the market these days all with different quirks, options and form factors. Learn the best way to get your solution right first time.
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Motorola Defy – Rugged Android PDA

Motorola Defy - Rugged Android PDA Motorola, best known in our circles for their Rugged PDA's, have launched their first rugged android PDA.  The Motorola Defy runs Android and looks very much as you'd expe...