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Choosing a Rugged PDA – Dispelling the Myths!

As more and more businesses look to mobilise their work force the role of the Rugged PDA is as important to business as ever. Despite this we still see people opting for cheaper mobile phone based solutions. I dispell some myths about Rugged PDA's in this article.

Opticon OPR-3301 Bluetooth Laser Scanner – Announced

The Opticon-3301 wireless Bluetooth laser scanner, is going to be one of the smallest and lightest cordless laser scanners on the market. Weighing only 110g (and that includes the battery folks!), it will mean the OPR-3301 will be an extremely comfortable wireless barcode scanner, especially for prolonged scanning.
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The Importance of Good Barcode Advice – Top Tips

With a huge choice of barcode scanners and rugged PDA's out there, buying the right scanner and getting the right friendly, clear, expert advice has become as important as ever. This article looks at some of the more obscure areas of barcoding you need to be aware of befroe you buy.
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OPN-2002 Bluetooth Data Collector Released

At last the OPN-2002 is now available, which extends the functionality of the OPN-2001 by adding bluetooth. Opticon OPN-2002 batch barcode scanner The OPN-2000 series is extremely small, very lightweight...